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Roulette Games at Jazzy Spins

Roulette is the famous table game that has kept players thrilled over many centuries and which you can luckily find in our Table Games section here at Jazzy Spins!

Roulette has come a long way since its simple beginnings when a primitive wheel was created by the French mathematician Blaise Pascale in the 17th century. 

Only a century later, the game’s popularity spread like wildfire and roulette wheels could be found in exclusive casinos across Europe. But, in the 19th century, the game made a step further. 

Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity, roulette crossed the European borders landing in North America, where it earned itself a new name, American Roulette.

The game underwent one of the most successful transitions to an online version, and today you can find multiple versions of online roulette, all available here on Jazzy Spins.

If you are looking for a more authentic setting, don’t forget to have a look at our Live Casino section where you will be able to select your favourite Live Roulette Game and start playing in a real casino environment.

Best Online Roulette Games

Here at Jazzy Spins, we are proud to present our selection of top notch, graphically supreme and high-paying online roulette games. The games have comfortable betting limits, from low wager to high-roller options, to suit every bankroll size.

European Roulette

Jazzy Spins Casino offers you European Roulette at its best, where you can place your bets on the roulette wheel comprising a total of 37 numbers – 36 numbers and one zero. Red or black, you’ll enjoy supreme payouts if Lady Luck spins your way today.

American Roulette

 American casinos introduced a second zero on the roulette wheel to give the house a higher advantage. This version is now available to complement your table game casino action, along with lots of other exciting titles.  We like to think of American Roulette as a table game with a twang!

Live Roulette

One of our most sought-after casino games is Live Roulette, which you can find under our Live Casino tab. We know that nothing quite beats the experience of sitting down at a real roulette table. But, on Jazzy Spins, you can now enjoy the environment of a land-based casino without leaving the comfort of your home. You can play Roulette with live dealers from your PC, tablet or smartphone 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How to Play Roulette Online in 5 Steps

Playing roulette online is fun and simple. Once you understand what you’re seeing on the wheel and the different bets you can place, there’s nothing much else to do but sit back, watch the croupier spin the wheel and hope it lands on your lucky number! 

The roulette wheel consists of 37 numbers (1 through to 36 and a single zero) if you’re playing European Roulette, and with an extra zero (00) if it’s an American Roulette

The numbers are arranged in a consecutive black and red sequence and are replicated on the roulette table, where you will place your bets.  

The usual steps when playing Roulette are the following:

Step 1: Select the number (or a group of numbers) you want to wager on;

Step 2: Select your betting amount;

Step 3: Place your bet on the number or numbers of your choice on the roulette table;

Step 4: The dealer will spin the roulette wheel, revealing the winning number;

Step 5: The winning number is revealed.

Finally, you can then proceed to collect your winnings if you have any and place another bet if you wish so!

Online Roulette Rules

In a traditional casino, when the dealer is ready to spin the roulette wheel, he or she will indicate that no more bets are possible. When you play roulette at an online casino, a message will appear on the screen saying that no more bets are accepted, and the wheel will then begin to spin. 

You will also notice while playing Roulette that the game is made up of different bets, from the simplest to the more intricate. 

  • Inside bet: you can place a bet on the numbers themselves. Examples include bets that cover one number (straight bet), or bets that cover two adjacent numbers (split bet).  
  • Outside bet: you can place bets outside the number field on the roulette table (eg. Red or Black, Odd or Even, 1-18 or 19-36).

We know that you are now itching to play online roulette at Jazzy Spins. So find your favourite game, whether it is European, American or Live Roulette and start spinning immediately!  If you have any questions on Online Roulette, you can always read our FAQ or contact our customer support team that will be delighted to assist you every day of the week.